The latest plugin by PHPBABA has been released…

If you’re a fan of Get Notified… wait until you set your eyes on our super powerful new plugin!

Play drum roll please… We present to you; Within Reach for Ⓦ

This new plugin is a dream come true…. And it’s on CodeCanyon for you to glare and look at!

Show us your website usage of Get Notified!

Hey everybody,

It has been 3 months since Get Notified was published on CodeCanyon, and we’re wondering how you’re all using the plugin! Share your website URLs in the comments below; and get the chance to win a free test drive and review our soon-to-be new plugin launch. (hint; the new plugin will kick some ass, and will work marvelously with GN)

We look forward to seeing what you’ve done with GN and what you’ll accomplish with our latest upcoming plugin!

Compatible in all languages

You may not already know this, but Get Notified labels and notifications can be any any language of your choice. You can also upload your own button which can be understood by your target audience!

Lesson #1 in Internet Marketing

As we lean into Facebook ads to promote the Get Notified plugin on Envato, we learned (and through this post we teach) that Get Notified is a TREMENDOUS help thanks to the 2 following realities:

– First, we create an ad targeted to the proper audience and embed the ad inside a WordPress post so that we can notify all our subscribers about it.

– Second, this drives reach and engagement which in turn GREATLY reduces the price for engagement and clickthroughs on Facebook Ads platform. We received an 8/10 relevance score!

Stay subscribed and get the benefit of receiving updates on our marketing ventures. We’ll give you all the tricks we learn…

In summary, the first lesson we all need to learn from Internet Marketing is shown in the Facebook post below:


Internet Marketing Lesson #1: Tweak for the best and be prepared to adjust for the worst!

Posted by Get Notified on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Promoting Get Notified on Facebook!

Organic reach is down? Your solution ►► Get Notified for Ⓦ

Posted by Get Notified on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Make money promoting Get Notified!

Hello guys and gals,


This blog post mainly addresses those of you in the web design business. Get Notified is starting to get some traction; and we need YOU, our loyal users to spread the word. Make $4.50 per plugin sold by simply promoting our plugin to your audience. Simply link to :


AND REMOVE THE “phpbaba” part of the URL and substitue it with your Envato user name. Voila! You’re ready to rock and roll and make some cash promoting a powerful pluging!

Thanks in advance for your support! And be sure to download the latest update, some cool features await you!



WooCommerce Ready!

Hey Everyone!


Get Notified has helped many webmasters transform their communications method with their subscribers. This is especially true for bloggers and service providers. What is often overlooked is the power that Get Notified offers to webmasters running an ecommerce type website. Just imagine being able to notify subscribers about new product releases or about time sensitive “deals” or sales. What if we told you that Get Notified in theory works with all WP themes without a hitch! That includes WooCommerce! We created a demo to show you:

Have a look by clicking here to see our working WooCommerce demo.


For $18, getting access to this powerful capability is a must; wouldn’t you say so? If you have any questions, be sure to drop us a line here.


Simple recipe to the secret sauce

Hey everyone. I just wanted to take a quick moment to answer a question asked in the comments section and show you the recipe to the secret sauce (how easy it is to setup Get Notified for your wordpress installation). First, let’s have a look at vavamartins‘ question on CodeCanyon: vavamartins Asks: Hi. I already bought your […]

109% Clickthrough rates?!

Have you ever heard of 109% Clickthrough rates? In the email world, no matter how glorious your list might be, how catchy your title or preview pane is, and no matter how electrifying your content is… You’ve come to expect the mathematical and physical rules that : Sends > opens > clickthroughs That’s Sends are […]


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